About Me

Kenneth Arsenian is an entrepreneur, business leader, and Co-founder of Perspire Sauna Studio, an innovative infrared sauna studio franchise business based in Orange County, California. Ken officially launched the first Perspire location in 2010 and has since opened 22 Perspire Sauna locations across the country. Perspire currently employs more than 30 employees across the local community.

As the Co-Founder of Perspire, Ken Arsenian helped launch what has become the fastest-growing infrared sauna studio franchise in the United States. In addition to the brand’s 22 current locations, Arsenian’s team has recently awarded 75 licenses to franchisees to open in the near future, signaling not only a significant company expansion in the year ahead but also quickly positioning the popular infrared sauna brand as the go-to name in the industry. The Perspire team has also recently hit a major company milestone, having hosted more than one million sauna sessions. Perspire anticipates completing the company’s two-millionth sauna session by the end of 2022.

What does Perspire Sauna Studio offer?

Kenneth Arsenian and the Perspire Sauna team offer a unique and rejuvenating sauna experience. Unlike traditional saunas that heat up the surrounding air temperature, the Perspire infrared saunas utilize the benefits of infrared rays and the therapeutic power of red light and other light colors to heat the customer’s body directly. Perspire’s full-spectrum infrared saunas eliminate the harm of troublesome UV rays, instead of delivering a safe, gentle and invigorating sweat session unlike any other in the industry.

Using infrared sauna technology, Ken Arsenian and the Perspire team provide a one-of-a-kind sweat experience that can improve oxygen flow and blood circulation, and can even remove impurities and harmful toxins at the cellular level, effectively helping to detoxify the body during each new session. Perspire infrared saunas provide an amazing alternative to the high heat of the traditional sauna, allowing for longer sessions and increased benefits for anyone seeking a more therapeutic and rewarding sauna experience.

Perspire’s unique but revitalizing combination of clinical-grade red light therapy and the benefits of color light therapy works to provide a cutting-edge sauna experience at 22 locations nationwide, including sites across California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Florida, and Georgia. Ken and his team look forward to eclipsing more than 100 franchise locations in the very near future.

Professional background

Prior to launching Perspire Sauna, Ken served as Global Account Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand, a role he held for more than seven years (2009-2015). Ken has also served as an Account Executive at SAP (2001-2009), and as an Account Executive at Quest Software (1997-2001).

Academic background

Ken Arsenian completed his undergraduate student tenure at the University of Southern California (USC), where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Government in 1992. After USC, Arsenian enrolled in law school at the Western State College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1996. As a law student at Western State, Ken served as President of the Student Bar Association.

Philanthropy and community involvement

In addition to co-founding the fastest-growing infrared sauna studio franchise business in the U.S., Kenneth Arsenian is very active in the local Orange County community, donating his time and financial support to a number of nonprofits throughout the area. For the last five years, Ken has served on the board of directors of the YMCA of Newport Beach. Over the last four years, he has also donated his time as a big brother with the local chapter of the Big Brothers organization, providing mentorship and friendship to in-need children in the local community. And for more than 15 years, Ken Arsenian has been an active and avid supporter of the Girl Scouts of America.

Ken continues to support various local charities in Orange County through financial donations, proudly giving to organizations that serve disadvantaged people and families across the region.


In his free time, Ken Arsenian works as a DJ, spinning records and delighting crowds at a number of local clubs and bars. Ken also enjoys playing golf and pickleball and has recently started competing in tournaments across the state.


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